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Welcome to Binge Marketing!

Ever wondered why you can’t stop watching your favorite series? And why you, as a marketer or entrepreneur, have to work really hard to attract and retain an audience?

Then it’s time to dive into Binge Marketing: learn from the best storytellers and audience builders in the universe: the creators of films and series. And start your own Binge Marketing approach today!

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  1. Have a look around at the blog. With articles about Binge Marketing, cases and examples.
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  3. And if you are looking for a speaker, watch the compilation of the Binge Marketing Experience with band.

The latest blogposts:

“Binge Marketing is simply a delightful way to look at today’s biggest marketing challenge – holding the attention of our consumers. Carlijn is a true expert, and shows us the map to using Binge Marketing to develop better brands, and differentiating experiences.“

Robert Rose, Founder, Chief Troublemaker The Content Advisory – The Consulting & Education Group of Content Marketing Institute

What people are saying about Carlijn Postma & Binge Marketing

United Kingdom

“After reading this, you’ll kick yourself over how brilliantly simple and effective this method is and how easily it can be applied. By setting your content marketing efforts to the popular Netflix habit of binge watching, you’ll find this a great approach to consistent and high-quality content creation that will engage and educate any audience.“

Rob John, Managing Director, The Content Marketing Association (CMA)

United States

“Interesting perspective and theory that I could see working in various areas/ways. I appreciate the use of universal movies to apply her points.”
Content Marketing World, Cleveland


“Carlijn Postma was more than great presenter… she became really one of the stars of this years POMP FORUM conference.”
Igor Savic, Pomp Forum, Ljubljana

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